Encryption People.. Encryption…

Tesco, a giant supermarket club in England, similar to Costco in the US, announced that 600,000 names and passwords were stolen. The thief made off with the company’s database. It is known that the data was used to gain access to other websites. None of the company’s financial data was accessed. But… Who cares about that!

It is suggested using password managers to generate and store uniquely different passwords, and two factor authentication where possible – in which a text message or email code is required as well as the password. What about the common people that use the same password for everything??!!?? (Yes, I know, you should not use the same password for everything… But it happens) Individuals, like my parents, don’t generally use a password keeper (like I do) or change their passwords, because they can’t remember them. Then its s a call to the Family Tech Support Hotline.

(Soap Box Time)

Back on Topic, some people use the same password for everything, including banking. What about them? Here is an just another example of people getting the short end of the stick. Companies today are not taking the responsibility for ensuring that the data that they collect is secure and safe. EVERY DAY, EVERY SINGLE DAY, I see some company got hacked or compromised. 90% of the time, it is something that could have been easily fixed, like this. Why not encrypt your database? Because it slows things down?? Isn’t it better to be overly cautious than wind up in the news?

My Father used to tell me that you never want your company’s name on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. Unless it says “Record Profits”, never want your name ‘Above the Fold’.

Okay, end of Soap Box.

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