Improvements Have Been Added To Microsoft Edge Browser

I have not been a fan of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Windows 10 Microsoft Edge. However, their new Edge Browser is really slick and it they just made it better.

If you use Microsoft Edge on Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android, you’ll probably want to install the July 2020 update as soon as possible because it contains a raft of improvements to the browser.

First and most importantly, Microsoft Edge is joining the FastTrack Ready Partner Program, beginning in August.

If you’d like to help guide the development and further refinement of Microsoft Edge, the threshold for doing so is 150 or more paid seats of Windows 10 Enterprise. If that describes your organization, you’ll soon be able to play an active role in guiding the development of the browser you use.

Second, Edge is, at long last, getting support for Microsoft Endpoint DLP, which should help mitigate privacy concerns and data leakage when using the browser on Windows 10 devices. On top of that, the latest update makes Automatic Profile Switching available to everyone.

Here is an example of how this subtly changes the experience. If you’re using your personal profile and you try to access a link that, per your browsing history, you normally access via your work profile, Edge will prompt you to switch profiles before opening that link.

If that wasn’t enough to consider upgrading, if you use Edge on a mobile device, with the latest build, you’ll now be able to utilize the “Collections” feature on your smartphone. This enables you to collect and organize web-based content, and sync your collections across devices. Very handy. Plus, desktop users are now able to add notes to items in a collection, simply by right clicking an item in the collection and left clicking “Add note.”

Finally, the latest version of Edge adds support for Read Aloud for PDF, which allows users to “listen” to PDF content while they’re busy doing other things. We love the Read Aloud for PDF feature and are thrilled to see it making its way to Edge.

For all these reasons and more, you need the latest Edge update. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

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