Mom’s Meals data breach affects over 1.2 Million People

Mom’s Meals, a medical meal delivery service for self-paying customers or people eligible for government assistance through the Medicaid and Older Americans Act programs, has announced a data breach after a successful ransomware hit. The company said that it identified suspicious activity on its networks on February 22, 2023, and determined files on its systems had been encrypted by ransomware. Interestingly, the incident stayed quiet until March 2023, when an anonymous Mom’s Meals employee tipped off an Iowa news outlet to the company’s “internet issue” that had caused the employee to miss work and pay for a week. July 10, 2023, confirming the hackers had accessed the following data: a customer’s name, date of birth, driver’s license, state identification number, financial account information, payment card information, medical record number, Medicare and Medicaid identification, health information, treatment information, diagnosis code, meal category and cost, health insurance information, patient ID number, and some Social Security numbers. The company said that 1,237,681 customers have been impacted by this incident.  

Businesses that hold a variety of data can be prime targets for data thieves looking to score a quick profit.

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