New Service Offerings – Announced

I am pleased to announce that we have added two new service offerings to our CyberSecurity Platform Suite. We are now able to perform Dark Web Scanning on your behalf and provide you with a report for you, your auditing agencies, cyber insurance, etc.. We can provide real-time scanning of the DarkWeb, so you can take action immediately and limit the impact to you and your company, for a minimal monthly subscription fee.

As a client of I Do I.T., we are providing the first scan for free, so you can take action today. If you see your email address/user name on the report, that means that your credentials are in the ‘wild’ and need to be changed NOW. As always, DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD TWICE. DO USE a password manager, such as LastPass. These types of password managers can keep track of all of your passwords, so you don’t have to and ensure that you don’t use the same password multiple times.

Another product that we have added to our CyberSecuirty Suite is the ability to provide simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training. These campaigns can be performed, weekly, monthly, or quarterly for a low monthly cost. By educating employees, who are the weakest link in cybersecurity, they become the best defense against cybercrime. We can provide reports on the results of the campaign and who may need some additional coaching. If you are interested in either of these products, please contact us today to get signed up.

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