What makes I Do I.T. different than all the rest.

We take pride and ownership in our work. Taking the time to make cable management aesthetically pleasing and professional looking, instead of the cable spider web that you all have experienced.

We have a 30-point checklist for every new client that is signed up for our weekly and monthly on-site maintenance packages. I Do I.T. can come onsite daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your company’s IT needs.

We actively monitor your systems. We want to be the ones calling you notifying that there was a problem and that it has been resolved. Rather than, you call us to say there is a problem.

We believe that backup and recovery is critical to any business. Your disaster recovery is only as good as your backup solution. I Do I.T. works with you to ensure that your backups are completing successfully, both on-premise and off-site.

We believe that security, both internal and external is essential, given today’s climate. Every day, we hear in the news that a company was infected with a virus or ransomware or compromised in some fashion. I Do I.T. ensures that the internal systems are protected through active virus scanning, email filtering and patching of systems. We also actively monitor the firewall for intrusions and potential threats.

We provide documentation of your computer infrastructure for asset tracking. I Do I.T. can provide a report of all the computer systems with warranty information, purchase date (if available) and operating systems. This will give you a better understanding of the age of the environment and provide you information for your yearly IT budget.

We track your licenses for the various software being used in your company. I Do I.T. will keep a list of software, with licenses, to keep you abreast of potential upgrades, change in license subscriptions and any end of life applications.

We write in our contacts the markup on equipment is 20%, (plus shipping). I Do I.T. feels that you should know what we purchase the item for and what is our markup on that product. We feel that being open and honest with our pricing is part of our ethical standards.

We provide on call support to our clients. I Do I.T. provides on call support for those emergencies that happen in the middle of the night or on the weekends. We do not want you to have to wait until Monday in order to get service.

We believe that open communication is key to success. I Do I.T. technicians will always communicate with our clients regarding any potential issues or items that we come across. Conversely, any client is encouraged to call, text, email, or send up a flare if they need help.

We wholeheartedly believe that we need to be upfront and honest with our clients.

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