Why is cybersecurity so important?

Cyber security has a huge role in today’s world. With the advancements of technology, everything we do is stored on the internet via cloud, applications, or even Google searches. With these advancements, comes an increased risk of cyber crime.

Why is cybersecurity so important?

As the world moves to do things digitally more and more, the threat of cybercrime will always be prevalent. Often, important data like bank passwords and even social security numbers will be uploaded on cloud data. (Think Google Drive or Dropbox.) If someone were to be able to reach this sensitive data, it could have detrimental effects on your company and the clients you take care of. In Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has very strict laws in place about protecting the personal data of those online. Violating these laws could result in heavy fines for your business if deemed liable for the cybercrime being able to happen. Although the GDPR is EU only, there are similar laws for other countries, including America. Furthermore, having a data breach can cause your business to lose its trustworthy reputation. Having a bad reputation on this scale can be extremely hard to build back up.

How do I prevent cyber crime?

Now that we’ve covered the importance of cybersecurity, there are quite a few ways to make sure your cyber spaces are safe. First, educate staff!! Cyber attacks come in many different ways and some aren’t as well known. Consider reviewing what the following attacks are: phishing, clickjacking, typosquatting, DDoS, RaaS, and Social Engineering. There are many more examples but this is a good beginning to the different forms of cyber crimes. After learning different types of attacks, it’s important to consistently review third/fourth parties for data leaks as they will link back to you.

In addition to routine checkups on your connections and staff education, there are a bunch of other smaller things that can have a big impact on your cybersecurity. For starters, strong passwords can make a difference in ease of hacking into your accounts. There are apps out there to help randomize strong passwords and store them for your convenience. Next, companies often use firewalls and killswitches. Killswitches shut down servers/systems when anything suspicious is detected. Firewalls also detect any suspicious data and often block malicious software from gaining access to your systems. Finally, remember to keep things updated. Changing passwords and doing regular maintenance can help these safety measures stay up-to-date and make sure you are always on top of cyber security.

Working with I.T Services - I Do I.T (I Do Information Technology Services)

Working with I.T companies can be very beneficial in increasing your security measures and fixing any overall issues with cyber problems. I Do I.T provides technology support to small to mid-sized businesses. They take a holistic approach to fixing all their client’s I.T needs by looking at how the client is using the system, what apps they are using, and what other security measures they have in place. By looking at all these things, they can create customized plans for clients that are seamlessly integrated, effective, and sustainable for many years to come. When it comes to advice for I.T, remember to be patient. “It takes a lot of patience to solve the necessary issues and can take time to research a solution. Get the client operational, even though the solution may not be perfect, then find a more permanent solution to the problem,” says Steve Shaff, the owner of I Do I.T. Steve loves technology and solving problems. Watching clients understand the problems and having an “Aha” moment is truly inspiring and motivates him every day. On the same hand, sometimes it can be challenging to explain how technology works to a client. However, he always tries his best to provide options that fit what the client is thinking. All of these qualities are so important in finding an I.T professional who takes care of you and your business.

Overall Importance of Cybersecurity

Cyber security is important as it can cost your business its reputation, money, and other important data. With the help of an I.T professional and taking the appropriate measures to protect yourself, cyber security should be less of a worry for your business.

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