Work from home security tips

Keep work and personal separate.

Use a remote desktop solution for those working at home with their personal computers. Ask us to help with setting up a remote solution for your employees. This ensures that if their home computer is outdated on patches and updates or they accidentally get malware this will not impede the rest of your employees.

Be even more vigilant

Hackers will use every opportunity to prey on the unsuspecting and use the lack of communication to their advantage. Scrutinize every email carefully. It may be a good idea to enact a policy that if an employee gets an email requesting fund transfers, login information or downloads to immediately reach out through another method (phone call, secure chat, text) to make sure the request is valid.

Consult the experts

I Do Information Technology Services is here to help. We have been the work from home experts for years. We can help provide solutions so that your business will continue to perform even during uncertainty.

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